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We are an alliance of Bowen therapy practitioners created to support credentialed Bowen Practitioners and practitioners-in-training by increasing opportunities for members’ professional and business growth and development and educating the public and healthcare professionals about Bowen therapy’s effectiveness.

Who is BowenUSA?

We are health care professionals, students and advocates that support and promote Bowen therapy and it's far-reaching affects and results. As a group we work together to expand our knowledge and understanding of this practice and share the Bowen experience with our clients and the public at large.

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What is Bowenwork?

Although relatively new in the United States, Bowen therapy is currently practiced in 25 countries where it is well-known for its effectiveness in promoting wellness and healing in the body.   Through gentle, yet powerful moves, even long-standing health issues may  “unwind” as the body is encouraged to relax and recover.

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Our members are located across the US. They are trained and certified to the highest standards.  Bowen "moves" and "procedures"  and how they are applied are very unique, which optimize the results during a client session.  Make sure your Bowen therapist brings the best to your session and hire an BowenUSA member.

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